Known for his outstanding car chase and action sequences, his eye for creating a telling shot and his good natured ability to get along with everyone, Kit Whitmore brings experience, expertise and exceptional ability to every project he challenges. 

Following his graduation  from Cornell University with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Kit began his career in the motion picture business as a newsreel stringer for ABC Television in Cleveland, Ohio. It wasn't long before he was shooting local documentaries, commercials and what were then called "industrials" - today's corporate videos.

Two years later, Whitmore relocated to New York to broaden his experience and begin to hone the skills that would establish him as a veteren filmmaker. He quickly progressed from grip and focus puller on classics like Rocky and the Lords of Flatbush, to one of three Directors of Photography on Close Harmony - a documentary that won an Academy Award in 1983.

In a few short years, Whitmore established himself as Operator and Director of Photography on projects in film, television and video. "During that time, I learned the invaluable skill of how to lead a very large crew, how to judge personalities and commumicate effectively with everyone", says Whitmore. "It doesn't matter if it's the craft service person or the Executive Producer. Everyone wants to get the job done and it's much easier to do it with a smile on your face."

Throughout his career, Whitmore has shot, produced and directed hundreds of commericals, documentaries and corporate videos as well as long format projects for clients throughout North America and Europe. His filmography includes cult favourites Saw II and Saw VI, the Emmy-winning Out of the Ashes and the action flick Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever, which contains one of Whitmore's signature car sequences.

In addition to his seasoned expertise in lighting and shooting in all formats from 65MM negative to DV cam, Whiitmore is also skilled at aerial, hothead and 3D cinematography. He has dual US and Canadian citizenship and is a full member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers, the Society of Operating Cameramen and IATSE Local 667.

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